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Cutting Stallion JC Shining Gold Bar Photo Shoot

Two weeks ago, I shot my first Western horse photography session. I was raised a Jumper/Dressage rider, so this was stepping out of my box a bit. I was thrilled to have JC Equine Partnerships offer to let me come take pictures of her incredible Homozygous Champagne stallion JC Shining Gold Bar aka Scooter. I was super blown away with how incredibly sweet and calm he is for a 4-year-old stallion! And such a fun sense of humor!

Below is a fun behind the scenes photo of him yawning with boredom, oh yea, and not to mention standing like a dream for us while only having a bailing twine rope to keep his wildness in check. Obviously, his Breeder/Trainer Jaimie Carey is doing an incredible job with him.

Below are some of our favorite shots of him and his filly.

Yes!! Oh, my goodness he is trained to lay down!! Soo precious. Of course, getting this shot without a huge mouthful of grass is not as easy as it looks!!

Power of the horse really comes through in this photo. I actually can't believe this is the same horse as the first candid with the bailing twine lasso!

And here is his gorgeous filly. She was so sassy!! She definitely was posing for me!

Doing Equine Photos sessions are my passion! I can't believe sometimes that I get to use my love for horses to create art that makes people so happy. If you or someone you know would like to schedule an equine session please just send me a note here and tell me about you and your horse!

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